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Flight Information Display System

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The very first thing a commuter will look for when they walk through the terminal is the flight information displays. Which departure gate? Check-in desk? Are there any delays? All this information needs to be updated live, keeping passengers informed and on the move, so that flights can depart on time.

Key Features:

  • Information can be uploaded online
  • Real-time monitoring of displays
  • Compatible with multiple display media
  • Time scheduler to automatically switch content
  • External input via interface, keypad or mobile device
  • High level of customisation possible
  • Comprehensive interfacing with external system
  • Multilingual information display

Key Benefits:

  • Provides airline and airport staff with accurate operational information
  • Optimises passenger flow through the airport
  • Improves customer service

Our well designed flight information system helps you to reduce the amount of time travelers spend on your terminal, minimizing user/staff interaction, allowing you to have a more efficient airport environment and promoting traveller satisfaction.