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Interactive Restaurant Menus

We Help to Implement Your Ideas into Automation

Great food is what great restaurants are all about. And nothing showcases the dishes on your menu better than Digital Menus. It brings food to life with deliciously vivid photos along with enticing descriptions and irresistible pairing suggestions. Digital menus take the place of static displays and menu boards like printed signs and banners, back-lit signs, chalkboards or hard copy menu boards.

Our Interactive Restaurant Menus enables videos to be displayed in the background of your menu boards to subtly capture the attention of your customers as they make their choice. It allows you to update content throughout the day by scheduling the appropriate content at the right time and the right place to positively impact your sales. As you move from breakfast to lunch, your digital menu boards will automatically change.

Key Features of Digitalised Menus:

  • Proven cost saving compared to printed menu boards
  • Effective, vibrant and eye catching animated or static content
  • Digital Promotions provide up to 60% up lift in sales
  • Automatically change menus, pricing and promotions
  • Re-enforce brand image whilst influencing customers purchase decision
  • Instantly customize in-restaurant messaging
  • Eco-friendly technology ensures minimal environmental impact