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The central purpose for any cafeteria is, of course, to provide meals. But when lunch isn’t going on, it can also be used for multipurpose activities such as annual meet of the company, corporate events and team-building activities. Meeting Room Capacity does not go beyond 10-20 people and every Enterprise cannot afford to have a facility of a large auditorium. In such a situation, the cafeteria with a large free layout and floating furniture can be a huge asset to serve your purpose.

We build Cafeteria inculcating a speech reinforcement solution so that everyone can participate in the discussion and the communication can spread across fluently. Harmeen Infonet will transform your cafeteria and break rooms into interactive and enjoyable places with provisions for entertainment and meetings.

Benefits of Multifunctional Cafeterias:

  • Organise entertaining and team building events for larger groups of employees at short notice, with minimal costs.
  • Conduct corporate events, which not only involve in-house members but also outside corporate visitors including global members through our videoconferencing/Telepresence setup.
  • HD cameras with intelligent setup which will cover the Presenter as well as the participants seated in the cafeteria.
  • Additional displays for people seated across the cafeteria.
  • Sharing breakfast/lunch menu information with employees.