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Visualizers are becoming increasingly common in classrooms and are now seen as a vital teaching and learning tool. A visualizer acts like a webcam which is connected to your whiteboard or projector allowing you to display things to the whole class using the large screen display in your classroom. It can be used to display a lesson live to the projector screen or simply use as a high tech replacement to an overhead projector to show text, images and objects on your classroom display. Visualizers are put to use at its best when displaying 3D Models and Specimens.

Here’s a number of ways you can use visualizers for teaching and learning: visualizer image

  • To project image, object, book’s pages onto wide screen in magnified size
  • Demonstration to students on how to do assigned work
  • Zoom-in on reading texts and point-out certain topics/ words
  • Zoom-in on objects for detailed observation by class of students
  • Displaying student’s work to whole classroom

Visualizers make it easy for teachers to show resources and artefacts to the whole class without having students crowding around struggling to see what is going on. It also saves time and money on photocopying numerous documents and allows you to save video recordings or capture images to transfer to your laptop or interactive display to distribute to students or to other teachers.

Harmeen Infonet has partnered with WolfVision, an acknowledged technology leader in the manufacturing of Visualizers to provide you with the best of presentation products. We offer a variety of Visualizers perfect for any classroom, from budget models to the latest cutting-edge visualizer technology.

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